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Hi, I’m Shivani

Early on in my life I witnessed the toll our overscheduled lives take when we don’t make time for self care. 

I believe we are in a crisis of self-care in which the demands of our modern schedules and mixed messages from social media create a culture in which it feels like we can never win. 
As a busy mother of two and wife, I understand the challenges modern women face when it comes to putting their health and wellbeing first.

I wanted to avoid the suffering of those closest to me and pursued a life-long journey to study alongside Ayurveda gurus of the 5,000-year-old philosophy in my native country of India. 

I created my revolutionary Modern Ayurveda program and a well as a product-line of ingredients that fuse east and west to help bridge the gap of of self-care, digestion, stress and metabolism. My goal is to ensure no more women sacrifice their health so they can live the life they deserve

More about me…
Speaker Reel
Fusionary Story
Treat your body like a Maserati
Optimize your health the Ayurvedic Way

Just follow the 4 steps below

Step #1

Take our Dosha Quiz To know your Mind-Body Type

Step #3

Discover Modern Ayurveda Self Care Rituals

Step #2

Do the Ayurvedic Detox and optimize your body’s detoxification.

Step #4

Be part of the Modern Ayurveda movement.

I adore tea and I’m so excited to share my bedtime tea with you …

I also Love Herbs + Spices from Ayurveda..

My Modern Ayurveda Journey