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Self Care doesn’t need to be one more thing you add to your To Do List …

As a busy wife and mother of two, I understand the challenges modern women face when it comes to putting their health and wellbeing first. Unfortunately for many women self-care has become a dirty word and yet another unrealistic expectation on our never-ending to-do list.

I created my revolutionary Modern Ayurveda program and Fusionary Formulas to fuse east and west practices for self-care, digestion, stress reduction and metabolism. My goal is to ensure no more women sacrifice their health for the life they deserve.

Success and self-care go hand in hand. The more you care for yourself, the happier you will be and less likely to reach for things that aren’t good for you. Self-care doesn’t need to be one more thing you add to your to-do list. Finding a few extra minutes each day can have a profound impact on health. 

I am dedicated to sharing the healing properties of Ayurveda and bridging the gap between our hectic modern lives and applications of conscious living. As a renowned Ayuvedic leader my speaking topics range from organic pregnancy to the influence of Ayurveda on western medicine. My previous speaking engagements include over 50 physician conferences, educational events and women’s symposiums across the U.S. 

You can’t have success without self care

Shivani is unapologetic about self care because she has witnessed the toll stress and overworking can take on our bodies and quality of life. After watching family members build a business empire while suffering from diabetes, she had a huge wake up call when she was met with the same fate. Determined to reverse her family’s health history, she embarked on a life-long journey to achieve optimal health while creating solutions to the problems health-conscious and busy professionals face.

I believe we are in a crisis of self-care in which the demands of our modern schedules and mixed messages from social media create a culture in which it feels like we can never win.

Infusing Ayurvedic Wisdom into Modern Life

Ayurveda encompasses a wide range of ancient modalities and techniques to improve our lives through mind, body an spirit connection. When we take care of ourselves, we become our highest selves. Through self-care rituals such as oil pulling, full body massage, body brushing, herbs & spices, supplements we can easily develop a framework for better health and vitality.

infusing ayurvedic wisdom

Popular Author of 2 Ayurveda books and Highly-Acclaimed Speaker

As the creator of a revolutionary Modern Ayurveda program and a product-line of herbal supplements that fuse east and west, Shivani’s expertise makes her an influential and inspirational speaker. Knowledgeable in many areas of Ayurvedic living, Shivani specializes in sharing the ancient science of gut health, simple solutions for revolutionizing self care and reversing stress-related illnesses that threaten our quality of life.

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