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I believe everything we go through in life can serve as a gift to help others. For me, writing is an act of love and a way to share my own health journey with the world. When I write a book, there is a story vibrating SO LOUDLY inside myself that it must be birthed. When I wrote The Conscious Pregnancy in 2016 I was struggling to find a playbook on how to utilize Ayurvedic wisdom to improve fertility, prepare for a healthier pregnancy, or create a calm and centered approach to childbirth and postpartum. So I wrote it. This book is a labor of love and hundreds of women have had a happier, healthier pregnancy because of it. 

My second book: The Fusionary Tales and Ayurveda Cookbook. The Fusionary Tales is about my journey and travels through India that led me to falling in love with Ayurveda and all the self-care rituals I practice today. When I was a little girl, we visited India for a few months each summer. I was always shocked by the sights, sounds, and smells of India. My mind couldn’t reckon with this poverty-stricken and diametrically opposite world I visited every summer versus the American lifestyle I returned to for the other nine months. Year after year, I became accustomed to this way of life and I considered India my second home. In this story-filled journey I share my windy road to Ayurveda and how in the end, Ayurveda saved me, made me a believer, and is why I’m here today teaching its golden nuggets to you. 

My third book: I am writing a book for Hay House on Inflammation and Ayurveda. Stay tuned for its release in January 2026.
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100 days of selfcare

Our current society says: Work, Work, Work, and work some more. Where does this leave us Exhausted, Burnt Out, Frustrated, Reaching for the wine and junk food every night, and wishing for the next vacation to come sooner ….

I was on this hamster wheel and realized, I have so many tools that can help me have a vibrant, energized, joyful life, why am I not using them?

I dug into my Ayurvedic texts, and started testing and trying recipes and self care rituals, to see what worked and what didn’t. I also tried what I call “radical self care” – all that new stuff that looks weird, but has benefits, because I wanted to hack what is it a mom can do to feel and look amazing, while also staying focused on the kiddos and her business …

So join me on this journey and learn how each piece of self care, Ayurveda, and simple wellness rituals can support your body until you feel Whole + Nourished again.

Get on the preorder list and well reach out to you when it’s coming out!

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