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My inspiration for creating Fusionary Formulas happened in 2015 after searching for natural solution to reduce pain and inflammation in my body. Unable to find an effective high-quality supplement, I decided to create an entire line of powerful line of Ayurvedic herbs and spices such as Turmeric, Ashwaganda and Gymnema Sylvestre.
As a second generation entrepreneur, I watched my family build their company from nothing into a powerhouse employing 60 people over 20 years. But that success came with a cost: their health. After watching the toll hereditary diseases such as diabetes took on those closest to me, I became determined to reverse lifestyle patterns that fuel disease.
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for Fusionary Formulas is that we become the natural alternative for painkillers that doctors – such as orthopedic surgeons and chiropractors – recommend to patients all over the country. I also envision a world where we all use turmeric, ashwagandha, and these potent herbs to have less pain, more mobility, eat healthier, sleep better, and truly live optimally.
Fusionary is a dream come true for me, with customers calling us daily saying they could never switch now because this turmeric actually helps them and they are mobile again – to me that’s the best part!

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Maru Carreras – Retired  “The pain in my knees started disappearing.”

Jeremiah Tomasini – Firefigher  “This is my trifecta to stay out of pain!”

Dr. Sean Goddard – Osteopathic Physician  “They start taking your anti-inflammatory turmeric and they stop taking the other painkillers completely.”

I am taking the Carb Control Regimen and let me tell you it really works for me. My metabolism is working very well and the turmeric helped me not to crave any sugar or carbs. So, guys, please try it because it works.
When I take the Women’s Wellness Bundle, I just recover much faster. My workout buddy who is a guy would become sour and everything and I am feeling great. So, I have really noticed a difference and also turned 50. Being on these products regularly, I really have not gotten sick.
Holly, A.
I’ve experienced two past back surgeries and have current back pain. I’ve been taking Inflammation Relief to remedy my pain and arthritic joints. I recommend Fusionary Formulas as a natural and non-medicated supplement in order to have better motion and movement for anyone that has pain or stiffness in their body.
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From Our Founder

I’m Dr. Shivani Gupta and my vision is to create a pain-free society by reducing inflammation and disease so that every person has the ability to live fuller, happier lives and flourish. Through ancient remedies, we can balance body, mind, and spirit for optimal health in the modern world.

Live the Fusionary Formulas lifestyle and take charge of your health … 

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